Thursday, 20 May 2010

As the saying goes " If you can't beat them, join them"

So I have....please be gentle with me.......Not a clue what I'm doing really but thought I'd get a blog going so I'd have somewhere to store my cards and have a natter with friends. Hope I'm going to get the time to attend to this blog on a regular basis because time is most precious in my day to day routine.

Anyway, will pop back here as often as I can.

Trace xxx


  1. Welcome to Blogging Trace and thanks for becoming a follower of mine. Look forward to seeing you cards .Im still a blog learner too.
    Enjoy the sun while its here.

  2. Welcome to blogland Trace...if you're wondering who I am I used to go on Imag-e-nations. You'll soon get the hang of it...if I can do it anybody can!! LOL

  3. Hi Tracey, for someone who doesn't know what they're doing your blog looks great. I'm in the same boat, trying it all out so I've got somewhere to keep a record of the cards I make. Thanks for addimg me to your list, have done likewise :)

  4. wow hiya Trace, good to see you in bloggy land .... hugs J xx

  5. Hi Trace, welcome to blogland! Thanks for the comments on my blog, and becoming a follower. Look forward to seeing some of your cards

  6. Hi Trace, can't wait to see some of your cards on your blog......I think once you get into it, you will really enjoy it........and welcome to Blogland
    Donna xx

  7. Hi Trace, wow your blog looks great, looking forward to seeing your cards, I keep saying to myself more blogging less farming, lol xx